Hey, Emily here! Welcome to Paradise Spreads!

As a company we make the world’s only organic, sweet plant-based protein spreads and snacks that are gluten-free, healthy and convenient.

To invigorate and nourish every human soul with sweet memories, one dip, one spread and one community at a time.

Paradise Spreads is determined to make a social impact with our partners and communities by contributing to initiatives that are relevant to our consumers.

A percentage of our profits are donated to supporting female veterans on a local and national level.

We are committed to providing customers with wholesome and natural spreads and on the go snacks that not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but are tasteful, healthy, organic and wholesome to digest. We know you will savor the taste and can’t wait to see how you turn your sweet pains into Paradise.


Emily D. Edwards

My name is Emily D. Edwards. I grew up in Mississippi and I like baking and experimenting with food. I am the founder of Paradise Spreads™️. I am a former social worker turned food entrepreneur. As a professional social worker, I was able to assist people with a variety of problems. While I enjoyed providing therapy I was ready for a change. I knew I still wanted to help people be better, but from a physical and not from a mental capacity. In 2018, I sold my private practice and developed Paradise Spreads ™️, a sweet plant based spread infused with pea protein and has versatility.

I grew up in a small town in Mississippi called Stallo. As a small child, I was always in the kitchen with my mom cooking and baking, so it seemed to be a natural shift. My mother’s kitchen was the gathering place for love, laughter, healing and enjoying delicious food. The fondest memory of my childhood is my mother baking all sorts of sweet treats in her gathering place, her kitchen. The highlight of these moments was being able to lick the cake batter from the spoon. The ingredients that she played with and the recipes that she carried out with meticulous details, impeccable patience, and unfettered love hooked us all on sweet treats and to the kitchen as a gathering place. She instilled giving, selflessness, and love with every treat. It was my first lesson of love, healing and sharing that I learned from my momma’s, kitchen of our Mississippi family home, which decades later proved to be an inspiration for my product, Paradise Spreads.Our products are made with love and organic ingredients, which my mother placed into every treat. I wanted for every child to experience these same emotions with their own mother when you open a jar of Paradise Spreads.

David C. Glenn

David is the Co-Founder of Paradise Spreads and brings 14 years of marketing experience to the team. With his bachelor’s in marketing and masters in management, he continuously works towards helping make Paradise spreads a household name. His love of meeting and connecting with people is one of the key ways in which he infuses relationships and opportunities to fulfill the company’s vision. His passion for healthy foods, educating consumers and providing people with healthy options fuels his motivation. David believes that providing reasonably priced healthy alternatives creates an opportunity for people to find positive choices where they typically may not exist.